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Deletta Gillespie2017 Arts and Culture Week

Artist in Residence: Introducing Deletta Gillespie from Baltimore, MD.
Learn more about Ms. Gillespie:

10th Annual Literary Arts Competition - Click here for entry form.  Click here for the poster.

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APRIL 17th - Monday

  • 9am — Deletta Gillespie, Black Lives Matter: A performing Artist's Perspective
  • 10am — Dr. Ki Russel, Bluebeard tales 
  • 11am — Helix HS National History Day Documentary
  • 11am - 1pm - ASG Barbeque - FREE FOOD!!
  • 12:15pm — Cancelled
  • 1pm – Gwen Trice, The Loggers Daughter: Maxville a small logging town in Wallowa County during 1920’s
  • 2pm — Deletta Gillespie, Uprising: The Power Of Speech For Change
  • 4:30pm — Gwen Trice, Smithsonian exhibit grand opening reception in the Gallery. Supported by the BMCC Foundation

APRIL 18th - Tuesday

  • 9am — Selena Hutchins, Bosnia War refugee shares her story loss, survival, and hope
  • 10am — Tina Martinez & Dr. Clark Hilden - Myanmar: A Case Study of Social Isolation And its Effects on a Nation
  • 11am — Deletta Gillespie, Text Construction: The Art of Narrative
  • 12pm — Helday de la Cruz, “Art and Activism”
  • 1pm — Kathryn Burke—Cultural Sustainability
  • 7pm - 8:30pm — (Eastern Oregon Forum presents) On With The Show
The Loggers Daughter:Gwen Trice

Maxville a Logging Camp,
Wallowa County, Oregon 1920’s

In the early 20th century, logging camps and towns seemed to grow from the forests of Eastern Oregon. It was a time when men’s muscle cut the timber, steam donkeys gathered it, and trains hauled it to the sawmills of the region. Since those days, the years have erased the towns, and all that’s left are the memories of the places that many people once called home.

Gwen Trice—April 17 at 1pm in PENDLETON

APRIL 19th  -  Wednesday at Bob Clapp Theatre
  • 7pm—Deletta Gillespie, Songs of Protest, Songs of Peace
APRIL 20th  -  Thursday
  • 7pm—Tiffany Midge and Xavier Cavazos at the Pendleton Art Center



APRIL 19th  -  Wednesday

  • 10am — Jennifer Dean-Hill, Sex trafficking in Thailand
  • 11am — Tina Martinez & Dr. Clark Hilden, Myanmar: A case study of social isolation and its affects on a nation
  • 11am - 1pm - ASG Barbeque - FREE FOOD!
  • 12pm — Service Peace Warrior Dogs
  • 1pm — Deletta Gillespie, Black LIves Matter: A performing Artist's Perspective
  • 2pm — Selena Hutchins, Bosnian War Refugee
  • 5pm — Helday de la Cruz, Art and Activism



APRIL 20th  -  Thursday

  • 9am — Manuel Padilla,ohum-logo
    The Space Between Us: Immigrants, Refugees, and Oregon

  • 10am — P-FLAG workshop
  • 11am — Manny Taiblum, author of  WITH G-D AT MY SIDE: Stories of  surviving the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II
  • 12pm — Deletta Gillespie, Common Threads: Similarities In The Liberation Movement in Black & Latino Communities 
  • 1pm — Alx Kujana,  Trans 101
  • 2pm — Rotary presentation on The Peace Pole Project: planting the Universal Message of Peace
  • 3pm — Installation of the Peace Pole


Manny Taiblum -  author of  WITH G-D AT MY SIDE.Manny Taiblum

Mr. Taiblum will relate his experiences and stories of surviving the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II.  Mr. Taiblum's memoir is a call to the need to remember history, “I wrote this book so you would remember. I will not be here to speak to you this story forever. Don’t let the lessons from this evil fade away.  Remember. Remember. Remember!”         
April 20 at 11am in HERMISTON               



Please monitor this page for a schedule of events to be posted as it becomes available.


Heritage Habitats

Ginger Owen & Vicki VanAmeyden

Exhibit Dates: April 6 - May 4, 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 6th, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Heritage Habitats


Find out more about Feves Art Gallery


Smithsonian Exhibit

A Place for All People

Smithsonian Exhibit

April 10th - 21st

Reception:Monday, April 17th, 4:30-6:30 pm
with Gwen Trice,
Maxville Heritage Center

A traveling poster exhibit 
from the Smithsonian Institution