Student Success Center



Student Success Center Mission Statement

"To establish an intentional gathering place that supports, engages, and empowers all students to be successful in the pursuit of their personal, academic, and career goals."

The Student Success Center (SSC) is responsible for administration and content in the New Student Orientation (NSO). NSO is required for all new, degree-seeking students attending BMCC. A new student is defined as any student who has not previously attended BMCC or any previous BMCC student who has had a break in attendance of greater than 2 years. Dual credit and expanded option credits earned by high school students are not considered when defining a new student. New Student Orientation delivers general knowledge that will provide a degree-seeking student with the basics needed to be prepared for the advising appointment, register for classes, and attend class when the term begins.

Tutoring is housed and administrated from the Student Success Center (SSC). It is BMCC's goal to provide as many resources as possible to facilitate students’ academic success. Part of being a successful student is taking advantage of the help available before you get to the point of feeling overwhelmed and/or are in danger of failing your course. BMCC offers both peer and professional tutoring to help support students in their academic pursuit. The SSC strives to provide a wide range of tutor availability, meeting the needs of all of our students, whether they are on-site at one of our many locations or at a distance via online learning. We have drop-in tutoring available at most of our locations as well as providing tutors who are also trained to use Blackboard Instant Messaging (BBIM). BBIM is an online program that can be accessed from the comfort of a student’s home and is equipped with chat, audio, video, and whiteboard to work with a BMCC tutor during office hours. BMCC has also purchased Smarthinking, an online program that provides students 24/7 access to live tutors. Smarthinking provides assistance in writing, math, accounting, statistics, finance, economics, biology, anatomy & physiology, physics, chemistry, office applications, and Spanish. Students who have used Smarthinking have favorable reports regarding help with homework and have stated that they would recommend this service to friends. All tutoring is provided at no cost to all BMCC students and is largely funded by General Funds as a service to students. Students interested in receiving tutoring can access the tutor schedule online at, and click the “schedule” link. The Pendleton campus also posts tutor schedules on a monitor board in the Student Success Center in Morrow Hall. Each BMCC location posts the hours that tutors are available at their site.

Blue Alert

The Blue Alert system provides assistance to students at Blue Mountain Community College as an intervention program teaming faculty, success coaches, and tutors together in order to promote the success of students facing challenges.

An Overview:

  • Blue Alert is an intervention program that allows for faculty to notify advisors/success coaches of issues that may affect the success of a student.
  • It is a simple way of assisting students in difficulty find the help they need while taking very little time.
  • Web-based Blue Alert notifications are easy ways to promote the retention efforts of the college and the success of students.
  • Blue Alert is accessible to faculty and students.